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Product Overview

  • Unlimited Video Uploads
  • Auto Video Request
  • Easy Video Recording And Uploading
  • No Apps Required
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Seamless Shopfiy Integration
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  1. Post Purchase Email Sequence

    Once a transaction takes place on your site, VYOO will automatically follow up with your clients with an invitation for a video review request. Business owners can modify this emails once they are logged in the admin area. For example, can modify when the request email seill be sent.

  2. Coupon Code Integration

    As part of the email sequence requesting a video review from the client, you can also incentivize this process by offering coupon codes, or discounts in exchange for a video review. Once the reviewer has submitted a video review, they will receive an email with the coupon code.

  3. Automatic Verification Method

    Unlike most of the review platforms, we don't stop with verifying an email address and calling it a “verified review”. We actually mean a full verification system. The person who is uploading the video review must have bought the product or service, have had spent time using the product, and only then provide an honest review of it. Therefore, we never ask a random person who is visiting your website to post a video review. Only truly qualified and verified clients will get to share their experience.

  4. Custom Recording Method - NO app installation required

    VYOO has developed a unique method of recording & posting a video without having to download additional applications. This mobile-friendly and in-browser recording makes obtaining video reviews a hassle-free process.

  5. The VYOO BAR

    The VYOO BAR showcases all the video reviews that are collected for each individual product. The location of the VYOO icon which opens and closes the VYOO bar can be adjusted in the admin area. The VYOO BAR has the following elements (Product Image, Video thumbnails and the star rating by the reviewers).

  6. The VYOO BAR - Totally Responsive & Mobile Friendly

    The VYOO BAR is an essential part of our platform, we’ve built it in a way where it can adapt to any modern size Mobile and desktop browsing experience., both on Android and IOS. (Currently we do not support Internet Explorer and Edge Browsers.)

  7. “Top Videos” Featured in VYOO BAR

    The featured video bar on your homepage allows the showcasing of videos from different products or services from your site. This is referred to as the "Best Of" video reviews, which the businesses can use as an additional promotional tool on the homepage of the website. (coming soon)

  8. Admin Controlls

    The admin can log in to update account and payment information. The admin will also be able to modify video related updates, such as deleting community guideline offensive videos.

  9. Admin Dashboard For Reviewers

    (coming soon)

  10. Profanity Detection

    We’ve developed own own algorithm for profanity detections. This is done once the videos are uploaded and the audio is transcribed separately from the video. This function is based on machine learning Ai technology. This means the more videos we process the smarter the profanity detection will become, hense making your site a safe and friendly destination for shopper and viewers alike. (coming soon)

  11. Flagging A Video

    Our “community guidelines” states the criteria with which a video can be flagged by either the business owner or viewer. Once a video has been flagged the business owner will be notified (coming soon).

  12. Knowledge Base

    The Knowledgebase is where the business owner and the reviewers can obtain detailed information about the VYOO platform. We have extensive “FAQ” articles to help answer the most relevant questions. We highly recommend that before contacting us to visit

  13. Customer Support

    The quickest way to contact us is via our live chat support

  14. Custom Video Player

    We’ve built a custom video player for VYOO’s playback system. This is a complementary addition to VYOO’s video recording service. Our custom video player is adaptable to 99% of all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

  15. Reliable video platform

    VYOO hosts and streams all the videos that are submitted to our platform on the AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) platform. This means 99% up-time for all your videos. There are more than a dozen redundancy and safety measures built into our system, and our core code, to insure seamless and uninterrupted video play and uptime for your customers. no matter where in the globe your site is viewed.